Tips and Tricks To Planning A Safe Trip This Holiday Season

November 27, 2018

The holiday season is just around the corner and it is now time to start planning for the perfect vacation trip with your loved ones. While it is exciting preparing for your trip, it is important to also remember to stay safe on your travels. Here are some tips and tricks for ensuring the best and safe road trip this holiday season.

  1. Vehicle tire safety

    When it comes to tire safety, there are a few things to pay attention to; firstly, take note not to overload the vehicle as this will wear the tires out more easily; secondly, check the tire pressure and make the necessary steps to ensure that they are properly inflated, this will not only make your ride smoother but also helps save on gas consumption as fuel efficiency increases; thirdly, prepare for any possible tire emergency situation and prep a spare tire in your vehicle.

  2. Send your vehicle to the local mechanic for a tune up

    A week before your trip, send your vehicle to a garage to ensure that it is in good working order. Have the engine, batteries, tires, brake lights and emergency lights, and the air-conditioner checked and fixed if necessary.

  3. Prepare an emergency pack

    Vacation trips are fun and exciting in that you never know who you are going to meet along the way, what you will experience and in which new place you will find yourself. With that in mind, you also never know what kind of unexpected and unpleasant situation you may find yourself in, so it is always best to be prepared.

    A few days before you set off on your road trip, pack an emergency kit and store it in the trunk of your vehicle. Some items you should include in your emergency kit are a few bottles of water, flashlight, a first aid kit, blankets and a red emergency stop sign. In addition to this emergency kit, you should also already have a set of tire-changing tools prepared in your vehicle.

  4. Prepare maps

    Whether you are travelling to somewhere familiar or a new place, it is a must that you have directions ready so that you do not waste time getting lost along the way. Plan the route on your GPS system and have hard copies of maps on hand in the vehicle in case the electronic system fails. Another important thing is to have someone adept at reading maps in charge of doing so because, let’s face it, not everyone is good at deciphering maps and directions; you wouldn’t want to waste valuable time doing that.

  5. Sleep well the night before

    The night before your road trip, have everyone settle into bed early so that you will all be well rested and refreshed for the trip. Travelling long hours in a vehicle is tiring and taxing for both the person driving as well as for the passengers and getting enough sleep is crucial for a safe journey to your destination.

  6. Ensure everyone is safely strapped in

    Before you set off, have all passengers in the vehicle ensure that they have securely and safely fastened their seatbelts, and make sure that children, toddlers and infants are properly strapped into their car seats or booster seats.

  7. Plan for stops along the way

    It is highly advisable to travel with more than 1 driver in the same vehicle so that you can switch up the person behind the wheel every 2-3 hours. This is to ensure that the driver is alert and in tip-top shape to transport everyone safely to your destination. Plan the road trip to make stops, either at gas stations or designated rest areas, so that everyone can take toilet breaks, stretch their legs and have a bite to eat.

  8. Plan entertainment

    If you are travelling with adults, everyone will appreciate a good playlist along the way, and if you are travelling with children, you can prepare games on the iPad or play animated movies or cartoons on the player for them in the vehicle (if there is one).

    Another important thing to have ready is an abundance of snacks and plenty of liquids for everyone in the vehicle. Food is the best way to ward off boredom and hunger, both of which can turn even the most patient people into frightening travel partners.

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