Suggested Solutions to the EDSA Traffic

November 11, 2015

Countless memes, open letters and rants about EDSA's traffic are being shared daily on social media. If you have experienced EDSA especially on rush hours, you will know that these actions are without exaggeration.

There's no need to enumerate really, but just to name a few of what carmageddon costs us, that would include time, energy and at least P2.4 billion of potential income a day (that figure dating back to 2013, as released to the press by Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan).

Recently tagged by Waze to have the "worst traffic on Earth", Highway Patrol Group through spokesperson Oliver Tanseco, says that there are a few but big causes or reasons behind the chaotic EDSA traffic. The number of vehicles in EDSA tops that list.

As reported to the Senate just last month by MMDA Gen. Mngr. Corazon Jimenez, the annual average daily traffic along EDSA increased by 11.6%.

-from 322,936 in 2010 to 360,417 last year

-160,000 to 260,000 in daily volume

*with private vehicles composing about 90 percent of that count.

Adding to these numbers are the occurrences of vehicular accidents and general lack of discipline in motorists.

Apart from letting the public know and understand, of course, the purpose of identifying these causes is for us, for authorities and the government to come up with solutions that should effectively solve the big problem that is the EDSA traffic.

On which solution are you placing your bet? Whichever gets implemented,it is important to keep an open mind about it; to comply and cooperate. After all, it is our common goal to find an end to this national level of crisis.

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