Packing the Necessities for the Family Trip: Rainy Season Version

August 24, 2018

Family time is precious and taking the much-needed vacation with the family is a great way for everyone to de-stress, bond and have fun. Don’t let the rain damper your mood because you can still have a wonderful time even when it’s raining outside. Here are some of the must-pack items for that long-awaited family trip that will have you all set and ready to take on the rain while still having a ball of a time!

Proper footwear

It is important to keep your feet warm and dry during the rainy season as wet and cold extremities is one of the leading causes for cold and flu to develop. Trudging through rainwater is also a fast way to contract leptospirosis (an infection caused by bacteria found in the urine of infected animals), a rising cause of casualties during the rainy season. So, remember to pack rain boots for everyone in the family, especially for the elderly and young children, to keep everyone’s feet dry. Proper footwear can also prevent slip-ups and falls.

Umbrellas and raincoats

While travelling, we can never be too sure of being able to seek shelter in a timely manner should the rain come down suddenly and hard, so having umbrellas and raincoats on hand and available to prevent everyone from getting wet is the best solution to prevent getting caught in a downpour.

Quick-drying towels

Pack some towels so you can dry yourselves if you get wet from the rain. Getting wet is something that’s pretty hard to avoid, so doing what you can to stay dry is important to avoid getting sick. Also have a proper laundry bag to keep wet and dirty towels or clothes in to avoid the potentially nasty and wet rain smell from filling the car. However, it’s always best to eventually air them out when the situation permits.

Dry sacks

A dry sack is a bag made of waterproof material that you can use to keep your electronics, such as smartphones and cameras, dry. Aside from depending on your memory to make a mental note of your trip, you will want to capture precious moments in the form of photos either with your phone or camera, so the last thing you want is for these to get damaged due to the rain.

Thermos or water flask

When traveling, it is important to keep you and your family hydrated at all times. Having a thermos or water flask with warm water is essential when travelling in the rainy season as temperatures can dip drastically in the event of heavy rain and sipping on hot or warm water can help moderate body temperature. Traffic can also get bad so having ready drinking water in the car can help stave off hunger and thirst until you reach a stop over or your destination.

Portable lighting

During the rainy season, blackouts and power outages happen more frequently due to lighting and high winds and therefore it is vital that you prepare your own portable lighting (flashlights or headlight) with additional batteries. This is to help keep the family calm and in control in case a blackout suddenly hits. Having to deal with frightened and helpless family members in the pitch-black darkness is the last thing you would want to deal with when out on a vacation!

Mini board games and playing cards

Many of our favorite classic board games now come in travel-sized packs: Connect Four, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, and even the complex Monopoly! When travelling with the family, it is advised that you pack some fun travel-sized board games and card games in situations when you all decide to stay in at the hotel due to the heavy downpour outside. A family vacation is one that allows everyone in the family to bond and have fun together so why not do that by way of some of your beloved games?

As the weather can be unpredictable, it always best to take precaution and make sufficient preparations. The sun may be away while it is raining outside, but by being prepared and keeping a sunny disposition you can keep everyone healthy and happy.