Must-have Smartphone Apps for Drivers

August 24, 2015

As with all things, owning a car comes with pros and cons. You can get anywhere you want, when you feel like it, but there’s also the maintenance part, the unending need for parking and traffic to deal with. And with the consistent nerve-racking experience of driving around the metro, being street-smart is just not enough. Thankfully, some really helpful apps have been developed to slightly tip the balance and lessen the cons of having your own ride.

Fact: nobody likes traffic. That explains the abundance of traffic and navigation apps we have today. Perhaps the most popular in the category, Waze communicates real-time traffic information generated from a community of drivers. Reports of accidents, roadblocks and what have you may be sent to fellow motorists if you’re a member. Its time in traffic function provides an estimate of how long it will take you from your current location to your destination. Gas stations and places of business may be reviewed and recommended, as well. Packed with features in a playful interface, Waze is definitely a tool fit for the clever driver.

A simpler and intuitive alternative to Waze, Google Maps remains as one of the best navigation apps for when driving into unfamiliar places. Similar to Waze, the app also features live traffic and incident reports to provide you with route options to get to your destination with less stress. User reviews praise the app’s clean interface,and how the map is accurate and easy to read. Recent updates include voice-guided GPS, Streetview, and live traffic and incident reports. With information on terminals and public transportation, the app also comes in handy in times when your vehicle is unavailable.

Have you ever had that dilemma of losing your car in a parking lot? Find My Car uses GPS and Google Navigation to navigate your car. A special feature, the app also allows you to send pre-configured messages of your location to family or friends. If not for parking, Find My Car is also useful for marking places you want to return to on a later time.

Car maintenance apps such as RepairPal, Car Minder Plus and myCARFAX are slowly becoming popular too.

Managing your vehicle is made easy thanks to these apps keeping track of your vehicle’s repair history, recommending a maintenance schedule, and notifying you of upcoming repair tasks. A true car enthusiast would never miss out on these mobile tools.