How to Change Flat Tires

June 29, 2015

Have you ever found yourself helplessly stuck in the traffic-ridden roads of Metro Manila all because of a flat tire? This situation can be even more disheartening especially if you lack the general know-how in changing flat tires and prefer to leave it to the experts. But you can’t always rely on a professional to do the job as there will always be a time when you’ll need to do it on your own.

Equipping yourself with the basic skill of changing a tire can save you money, time and even traffic build-up especially when you get a flat tire in the busiest highways of the metro. So the next time your tire gives up on you, remember these steps and you’ll be able to get back on the road promptly.

First things first, here are the tools you’re going to need:

STEP 1: Look for a safe area to park

This bit cannot be said enough: safety always comes first! Before you proceed and start removing your flat tire, look for a safe area to park your vehicle. Turn your hazard lights on, pull out of traffic and head to a nearby safe and stable surface. Make sure you park on concrete as much as possible. Parking on dirt or grass can sink your jack and result in stability issues.

STEP 2: Make sure your vehicle is secure

Do not forget to turn your engine off and lock in the parking brake. To be a hundred percent sure, place a wheel chock behind the wheels to keep your vehicle from rolling.

STEP 3: Slightly loosen the lug nuts

Get your lug wrench and place it on the flat tire’s lug nuts. nce the positioning is secured, turn the wrench counter clockwise. Push down on the wrench making sure you’re holding it firmly and tightly. Do this for just one turn and remember not to remove the lug nuts yet.

STEP 4: Lift your vehicle with a car jack

If you haven’t used a jack before, grab your manual for the correct placement of the jack. Carefully follow all the directions to avoid any accidents. Lift your vehicle with the jack to about 6 inches or until its high enough to remove the flat tire.

STEP 5: Remove the flat tire

Grab your lug wrench and finally remove the lug nuts and wheel. Remove the flat tire and lay it flat on the surface under the car to serve as a sort of back-up for your jack.

STEP 6: Put on your spare tire

Line up the lug nuts, wheel bolts with the wheel well and add the wheel. Use your hands to turn the lug nuts clockwise as tightly as you can. Then use your wrench and turn the bolt to secure the tire in preparation for lowering to the ground. Note that you shouldn’t tighten the lug nuts completely just yet.

STEP 7: Lower your car

Lower you vehicle slowly. Once done, remove the jack and wheel block. You can now tighten the lug nuts as tightly as you can get them with your wrench.