Helpful Ways on Keeping Your Tires in Good Shape

August 30, 2017

It is important that every vehicle owner schedules regular inspections to ensure that every tire on their vehicle is in tip top condition at all times. After all, tires are the most prone to wear and tear since these are always in contact with the road. Tire maintenance is very important when it comes to overall vehicle safety—we don’t want to get caught up in tire-related accidents.
Here are some tire maintenance tips to keep you safe on the road:

1. Give your tires a thorough check up every day. Give your tires a visual check as often as possible. Look for punctures, cracks, holes, or small objects wedged in.

2. Rotate your tires every 6 months. This can extend its longevity and performance.

3. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Check your tire pressure every month. Don’t forget to also check your spare tire’s pressure.

4. Always have a spare tire ready on hand. Make sure the spare is clean and stored properly away from direct sunlight and sheltered from elements.

5. Keep your tires from the same make and maker. It is not advisable to mix and match your tires. If you can’t, it’s still fine to have two makes and just place it on the same axle. If you want more information about tires, check out the article “Tire Basics: How to Read a Tire Sidewall”.

6. Check your wheel alignment whenever you bring in your car for maintenance. Your tires are susceptible to wear and tear.

7. Get the right mechanic to treat any punctures or holes in your tires immediately. If you notice any problems with your tires, bring it to your trusted tire center immediately. It is not advisable to try to fix them yourself.

You can visit the nearest Bridgestone’s tire center in your place and have your tires checked by the experts. They also offer Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS). This service is available at all Bridgestone’s dealership. Have your tires checked today!