Gas-saving Tips For Your Car

June 13, 2018

Diesel and petrol prices are steadily climbing. As a driver, you need to find ways to be more fuel-efficient so that you spend less and save more. Here are 5 gas-saving tips for your vehicle:

Don’t carry excess weight

Your vehicle consumes more fuel when it carries a heavier load. Be mindful of what extra items you carry in your automobile. Don’t leave items like golf clubs in the trunk unless you need to. As much as possible, you want to avoid having additional drag to your automobile.

Research on gas prices

Some gas stations have different prices. Especially when you go on long road trips, don’t just settle for the nearest gas station. Find the gas station with the friendliest prices. You’ll be surprised on how much you can save with the right knowledge.

Walk if you can instead

If you need to make trips nearby, consider walking as an option instead of driving. Not only is walking a healthy form of exercise, but also making less trips saves on fuel. You curb costs on the parking expenses as well.

Monitor tire pressure regularly

The lower the tire pressure, the more fuel your vehicle consumes to propel itself forward. Make sure your tires have the correct tire pressure to ensure that your car doesn’t use up more fuel than necessary.

Drive at a smooth, steady pace

Accelerating on the gas pedal increases fuel consumption. You use gas more efficiently by not driving too fast or pressing on the brakes too hard. Adhere to the speed limit, or ideally drive around 50 mph at a constant speed.