Driving Safely in the Rain

October 15, 2015

Reports from the National Philippine Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) state that there were 2,554 road accidents in January to February of 2014. Steadily increasing, the numbers are definitely higher today, spiking during the rainy season. Remember that multiple-vehicle collision along C5-Kalayaan Road in August of last year?

The wet weather instantly turns any road into a tricky and risky driving situation. Water from the rain creates a layer between your car’s tire and the road’s surface, interfering with the tire’s grip or traction. Brakes take a while to kick in, and vision is usually compromised, reduced to a poor and dangerous level. It is because of these two factors that drivers are constantly reminded to take extra precaution when a storm is in the country or expected to hit soon.

Accidents can always be avoided or prevented from happening. When it’s raining hard outside, it is always a wiser move to stay indoors. But when certain situations require or demand you to get on the road, caution and ample preparation is strongly advised. To help you, here are a few pointers for driving safely in the rain.

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