Clean and Green Driving

October 15, 2015

As Mother Nature’s condition continues to worsen, the need for products and acts to counter it or inflict reduced damages on ecosystems grows every day.

And because good motoring goes beyond cosmetic concerns, caring motorists and car enthusiasts have Eco Driving as their way of taking care of the environment. The concept of Green Motoring or Eco Driving simply refers to driving with minimized harm imposed on nature with the goal of lessening your car’s fuel consumption to cut on greenhouse gas emissions by choosing the right kind of vehicle and utilizing a certain style of driving.

Green Motoring starts with choosing the right type of vehicle. Before purchasing that dream car of yours, what you can do is ask your dealer about your model’s environmental performance. Check and compare fuel consumption information. Keep in mind, as well, that the simpler and smaller your car is, the less fuel needed, the less emissions produced.

Comparative studies and researches done show that hybrid and LPG vehicles are your best options for eco-friendly cruising. Diesel cars are usually large, but because diesel fuel has more usable energy than gasoline, you can trust that fuel economy is better compared to traditional gasoline-electric hybrids.

The slightest changes in driving style should bring on significant improvements in fuel efficiency.

  • Plan out trips and map out routes before heading out
  • For city driving, keep a slow and steady speed
  • Avoid sudden brakes and acceleration
  • Travel light and use less external car accessories to keep air resistance to a minimum
  • Turn your engine off instead of idling
  • Practice using the right gears. It used to be that vehicles with manual transmission are more fuel-efficient versus their automatic equivalents. But because of developments and gears that have been added to the usual set, automatic transmissions can now parallel manuals, provided that you know your way around those gears.

Keeping your car in tip-top shape minimizes environmental impact, as well. Not only does the act save you from sudden costly trips to the car service center, but having your car at its best means optimum performance on the road with every part functioning well, including fuel economy.

When it comes to your tires, always see to it that they are properly inflated and aligned. It's also always an option to gear your car up with specialized tires to enhance your vehicle’s fuel economy. Bridgestone Ecopia comes equipped with low-rolling resistance, dependable handling and fuel-efficient performance.

For more information, visit or get in touch with a Bridgestone Tire Center near you.