Choosing the Right Tire for Your Vehicle

August 17, 2015

Not until one blows out or goes flat, most drivers and motorists do not think much of their vehicle’s tires. What we fail to realize is that, while on the road, tires play a big part in keeping us safe and comfortable, and that selecting the right type enhances a car’s performance and ride quality. The process involves multiple factors for consideration. On top of that list is your options of tires to replace your old ones with.

How do you choose the perfect tire for your vehicle? Search for what suits your driving style and personality, of course. Then consider what it is that you want your driving experience to be, wherein tires can help. Whatever it is, we guarantee that there’s a fitting set of tires that’ll fit you.

Touring type of tires are for those who choose comfort and quiet when jumping from location to location. Bridgestone Turanza provides steady handling in both wet and dry conditions. It has good tread wear and readily absorbs shock and road noise. Perfect for everyday driving that’s chill and harmonious like a Sunday drive.

If you’re all about action and always on the fast lane to get what you want, best to gear up your car with performance tires. Commonly equipped with a soft rubber compound, performance tires are meant to bring out your car’s A-game. Designed with tenacious grip and responsive handling, Bridgestone Potenza delivers superior control, steering and cornering at the thrilling speed you desire.

Living life to the fullest requires a brave, sturdy persona. Are you the type who’s always up for a challenge? Bridgestone Dueler is a specialized tire that’s engineered to deliver just the right kind of power, speed and toughness that your SUV or fleet of service trucks require. Light and durable, a set of tires in this category will take you places and across unchartered territory to live the dream.

For the smart spender and the tree hugger, let’s not forget about fuel-efficient tires. Made to capture low rolling resistance by design, your tire easily covers more distance in one energy push. Bridgestone Ecopia gives you extra gas mileage of up to 20 miles or 32 kilometers per tank, helping you save up on money and out-of-way trips to the gas station. Plus, that eco-friendly factor injects a sense of peace into mind while driving.

Not sure which to go for? We can help! Visit the nearest Bridgestone Tire Center near you. See the complete list of centers here. You may also consult with our tire experts via Contact Us.