6 Essential Car Care Tips

September 15, 2017

Let’s face it: your automobile is an investment. Simply put, if you take care of your car, your car takes care of you. Here are essential car care tips to maintain your vehicle no matter what the weather is:

Test your brakes

Ensure your brakes are working properly, especially for wet and rainy circumstances. The average breaking distance of a car traveling at 30 mph is 45 feet in normal dry conditions; as you go faster, your breaking distance almost doubles.

Inspect your battery

Always be careful not to leave any lights on; this can drain your battery. Make sure your battery is in good condition. No battery means your car can’t start. The usual shelf life of a battery is five years. When you start struggling to start your vehicle, it’s a sign that your battery needs replacing.

Examine your tires

Check your tires for wear and tear, and tread depth. You want to make sure there are no punctures or holes in your sidewall. Keep your tires properly inflated. Information about tread depth and tire pressure can be found in your owner’s manual.

Check wiper blades and washer fluid

Especially in wet conditions, your wiper blades need to work well. If your wiper blades make very squeaky sounds, it might be time to replace them. You should also have enough washer fluid in your vehicle.

Assess headlights and taillights

Your headlights and taillights assist your visibility on the road: these lights help you see and to be seen by other drivers. Ensure these lights illuminate properly.

Wash your car regularly

This is essential: you protect your vehicle from grime, dirt, and mud, and you also protect your car’s paint job. Always hose down your car with plenty of water before a quick wash or a full wash. For a full wash, preferably use a microfiber cloth for stain removal. With a soft sponge, wipe the car from top to bottom. Any other cleaning products used should be solvent-free.