5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for the Long Drive

May 21, 2018

Long weekends are always exciting because we have more time to spend with our family and friends. Long weekends provide us the opportunity to travel and explore. Though spontaneity may be fun, planning will help you go a long way. To ensure you make the best out of your long weekend, here are some tips to equip your car for the long drive.

Plan your trip

Do you have a destination in mind, and do you know where you are going? Have a map on hand, or Waze, or even a GPS tracking device. These navigational tools can help you keep on track.

Get a thorough car check up

Drop by the gasoline station to get your car checked before you depart. Have your brake pads, wipers, washer fluid, headlights, and taillights inspected. Ask the station attendant if your vehicle needs an oil change or a tune-up. Inspect your car battery as well for cleanliness and strength. Ensure your tires have no bulges or tears in the sidewall; your tires should be properly inflated with the right amount of tread depth.

Gas up your car

It’s safer to begin your trip with a full tank. Though there are gas stations along the way, beginning your trip with a full tank may help diminish anxiety.

Stock up your vehicle

Make sure you are prepared for an emergency. Have an emergency first aid kit on hand, plenty of water bottles, and snacks.

Be calm

You are probably not the only one who will take advantage of the long weekend to travel: you will most likely run into traffic. Be prepared. You might want to leave late at night or very early in the morning to encounter less traffic.