5 Hacks in Preparing Your Car for the Rain

August 22, 2017

Take special care of your automobile even before the rainy season begins. The rain will not automatically keep your car clean from dirt and mud. How do you ensure your vehicle is ready to tackle the rain? Here are some tips to make sure your car is ready for some downpour.

Maintain tire safety

On wet roads, automobiles may be prone to aquaplaning or sliding uncontrollably. Check your tires for tread depth.

Checking your Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) will help you gauge your tire’s tread depth. These are bars of rubber located 1.5mm above the base of the tread grooves. TWIs are your visual cue in knowing that your tires are already in critical tire depth. This also indicates that it is not advisable to drive in the rain anymore. When the TWIs become visibly flush with the adjacent ribs, it’s about time for a tire replacement.

You should also maintain proper air pressure to allow your tires to function well. It also lets the grooves and blocks on the tread channel water away from the tire.

Check wiper blades and washer fluid

For you to see where you’re going through the rain, you need your wiper blades to work effectively. Your wiper blades might need replacing if you hear squeaking, jerking, or other unseemly noises. You might need to top up your washer fluid as well – your dashboard will usually indicate so.

Inspect headlights and taillights

Your headlights and taillights not only provide illumination while traveling on the road, but also safeguard your car’s visibility to other drivers. Ensure that these work before you drive out in the rainfall.

Outfit your car with protective gear

The inside of your automobile may just be as important as the outside. You might consider investing in additional car accessories that will protect you and your passengers from dirt, water, and mud. Some of these include pedal caps, rubber floor mats, and boot trays.

Wash your car regularly

The rain may contain acid that erodes your vehicle’s paint job. Always hose down your car with plenty of water before a quick wash or a full wash. For a full wash, preferably use a microfiber cloth for stain removal. With a soft sponge, wipe the car from top to bottom. Any other cleaning products used should be solvent-free.

Now your car is prepared for the rainy season. Have a safe and hassle-free trip on the road!