Toyota Vios Cup 2018 Finale

October 17, 2018

An action-packed finale for the fifth season of Toyota’s Vios Cup ended on an exciting note last September 21 and 22, 2018 at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. The whole speedway was filled with intensity from the adrenaline-packed race brought by the 48 racers each determined to get a podium finish.

In two days, a total of 12 gripping races took place during the third and last round of Vios Cup’s Season 5 and three of these thrilling races were for the Bridgestone Sporting Class. The racers and audience were equally pumped watching each race take place.

For race 6, the Bridgestone Sporting Class was dominated by Rhaffy Latorre of Toyota San Pablo while Team AP Corse/Toyota Makati’s Jon Effinger finished second. The third spot was taken by teen driver John Dizon of Toyota Marilao/Obengers who victoriously got the top spot during race 7’s Bridgestone Sporting Class. Finishing second was Jon Effinger of APCorse/Toyota Makati while Team Biskeg/Toyota Dagupan’s Gel Napat finished third place. The final race of Bridgestone Sporting Class was again championed by Toyota Marilao/Obengers’ young racer John Dizon followed by the second placer DonnVic Portugal of Toyota San Pablo. Red Diwa of Toyota Isabela got the third place completing the podium.

For the Vios Cup Sporting Class Overall, celebrity and pro racer Dominic Ochoa of Team Quezon Avenue was crowned as the 2018 champion. Toyota Otis/Obengers’ Keith Bryan Haw got second place and the third spot was taken by teen driver Esefano Rivera of Toyota/Balintawak Obengers.

The heart-racing fifth season and the race results left the crowd excited for the next one. Definitely catch the races next season as it only gets more exciting every year!