Stars Race for the Environment at the Bridgestone Celebrity Charity Cup!

July 22, 2015

Carsroared their engines and sped off the racetrack at the Bridgestone CelebrityCharity Cup! Motoring media, Business icons, TV personalities such as Glaiza deCastro, Jed Madela, Will Devaughn, John Avila, Jason Abalos, Nikki Valdez,Regine Angeles, and even radio stars like Sam YG, Boom Gonzales, Carla D, RikiFlo and many more joined Bridgestone’s drive for the environment. This isBridgestone's effort to lessen the impact of motoring on the planet and wasdone in partnership with Bantay Kalikasan.

Teamstook their turns as they faced 4 challenges in one day, held at the Filinvestgrounds. Challenges ranged from the Potenza Autocross, Dueler Urban Driving,Ecopia Fuel Economy and Karting, all of which highlighted various Bridgestonepremium tires.

Forthe Potenza Autocross, celebrities experienced the maximum control andefficiency of Ford Fiesta fitted with Potenza RE002 tires. Thrill seekers feltthe adrenaline rush in this speedy challenge.

TheDueler Urban Driving challenge on the other hand highlighted Bridgestone’sDueler tires. Celebrities maneuvered the cars in an obstacle course andperformed several driving tasks.  They surely experienced the powerfultraction and aggressive performance of the Dueler H/T 689.

Forthe Ecopia Fuel Economy challenge, teams experienced Bridgestone’s Ecopiatires, the eco-friendly tire that promises safety without sacrificingperformance. Teams drove around Filinvest and were tested on how much fuel theycan save.

Lastbut not the least, celebrities drove in a timed karting challenge.

Severalprizes and awards were given to the best individuals and teams.

BobbyHorrigan showed that he could save the most fuel with Bridgestone’s Ecopiatires, being the winner for the Ecopia Fuel Economy Challenge. Manuel Chua andGabby Dela Merced on the other hand were held as the best male and female whenit comes to speed as they brought home the prizes for the Potenza Autocrosschallenge. Inaki Araneta was the top driver for winning the Dueler UrbanDriving challenge. Mark Hamilton on the other hand bagged the award for best inKarting.

Asfor the overall winners, these were the teams that proved that together, theywere the best drivers for the environment. The team of Blu Bagayon, Jon Avila,Andy Smith and Will Devaughn won 4th place. The 3rd place winners were EgiBernabe, Dennise T, Juny Binamira and EJ Sanchez. For the 2nd place, JasonAbalos, Javier Toledo, Manuel Chua and Mark Hamilton won. Finally, the winningteam in 1stplace is the group made up of Raymond Yap, Ted Tarriela,Peter Kim and Bobby Horrigan. 

Allwinners brought home Bridgestone Gift Certificates and Caltex giveaways. Thewinning team in 1st place also won special awards, such as a BantayKalikasan tree and a hectare of land to be named after them. Not bad for afun-filled day at the racetrack, this is after all, a campaign for theenvironment.

Atthe end of the day, Marc Tagle, EVP-GM of Philippine Allied EnterprisesCorporation (PAEC), the exclusive distributor of Bridgestone Philippines says,“We believe that it is possible, even for motoring brands like Bridgestone, tohelp the environment. I encourage everyone to join Bridgestone's Drive Greenmovement. Just go to our Facebook fanpage to sign up. ”

PhilipGan, VP for Marketing of PAEC adds, “In our effort to help the environment andprovide solutions, Bridgestone has been producing tires made from oureco-friendly factories. Bridgestone has also been investing heavily on researchto produce scientifically engineered tires that benefit the environment.  This means less CO2 emissions,less fuel consumption and more fuel efficiency.  This is our cause for everyone on the planet.”

Theracetrack may have gone quiet for now, but rest assured that engines will roaragain soon because Bridgestone has more surprises in store for all motoringenthusiasts out there. In the meantime, never settle – keep on driving green!