Bridgestone Philippines Travels to Bacolod for a New Rolling Stories Episode

September 21, 2018

As Bridgestone Philippine’s “Rolling Stories: Share the World” continues to bring to life tales from around the archipelago, Chris Everingham now travels to Bacolod to explore the city’s rich heritage and culture. Bacolod, dubbed as “the City of Smiles” is known to be one of the friendliest cities in the country. Despite its reputation as a laid-back city, Bacolod is actually a city at the cusp of modernity but with a deep appreciation for its culture and traditions.

As Chris unravels Bacolod’s unique sensibilities, he meets David Uychiat, who is on a mission to promote sustainable agriculture in the region. David shared how the city has much more to offer than Inasal. It is also becoming a center for culinary excellence in the Philippines. He brought Chris to try a restaurant that serves dishes from all over the world with a local twist. He also shared how the Slow Food Movement is gaining a foothold in many establishments in the city. This movement is a drive to promote organically sourced produce among local farmers.

Because of this, some businesses and institutions are making strides in supporting local agriculture by sourcing home-grown harvests. “I’m not only providing like healthy food for my family, but I’m also supporting their family so they can keep on doing what they’re doing,” added David.

Keep watching Bridgestone’s Rolling Stories as Chris continues to explore the Philippines while meeting new people who inspire change and create their own life’s adventures.

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