Bridgestone Philippines Explores Cebu on Rolling Stories' New Episode

July 06, 2018

On the continuation of Bridgestone Philippines’ “Rolling Stories: Share the World”, Chris Everingham travelled to Cebu to meet a personality who has been living her life according to her passion.  Cebu is usually known for its beautiful beaches, colorful festivals, historical spots and lots of delicious food. With the musician and entrepreneur, Cattski Espina, Chris discovers how the city is becoming a new hub for creativity.

Cattski shared to Chris how Cebu is more than just the beaches and tourist spots, the art scene in the city is continuously flourishing.  She also shared the big change in the music industry in Cebu, from only being known to make rock songs to hearing genres from jazz to gospel pop.

Artists in Cebu do their music not for money, but because they get fulfillment in making it.  Cattski has a vision to grow the music industry in Cebu – one musician, one album and one song at a time.  “What we are trying to do here in Cebu is we wanna create an environment where the artist themselves have the opportunity here, so they don’t have to go anywhere else.  They can be rockstars in their own town.” She said.

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