Ecopia EP200

The ECOPIA EP200 sports a new tread design engineered to achieve both wear life and driving stability by optimization of stiffness and layout of shoulder blocks. Equipped with GUTT II Simulation alignment, its wide straight grooves significantly reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Complete with Leaf Block technologies, the ECOPIA EP200 has enhanced wet performance and driving contact.

Designed with optimized weight for improved rolling resistance as well as asymmetrical sidewalls for outstanding traveling dynamics, the ECOPIA EP200 provides driving stability. Its horizontal ground contact point provided by square shoulders minimizes deformation and improves wear life.

Finally, with the ECOPIA Compound II (EP200) made with Bridgestone’s new NANO PRO-TECH process, heat generation is more effectively inhibited, saving more energy. In fact, it accounts for reduced CO2 emissions and less fuel consumption.

Performance Information

Dry Handling
Wet Handling
Wear Life
Fuel Efficiency