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What if you could both care for your vehicle and share to those in need at the same time? Wouldn’t the countdown to Christmas be more meaningful?

Think of it as discovering a gift that keeps on giving. Bridgestone, the global tire brand known for its durability and quality, is offering unmatched value for customers who want to replace their vehicles’ entire tire set with an excellent product — and do a lot of good for the underprivileged at the same time.


For every purchase of three tires, Bridgestone company throws in an extra tire, along with two Bridgestone-branded premium items for free. Customers who avail of two tires will receive one gift, such as a neck pillow, an umbrella, a tumbler, or a cap. The best part? All Bridgestone gifts were made by weavers whose livelihoods have been gravely affected by the current health crisis. This is a chance for both customers and the company to make a positive difference in the lives of people – especially during this time when so much of our countrymen are struggling in the new normal.

Not only that: Availing of the promo also allows clients to be part of Bridgestone’s partnership with HOPE, an organization that builds classrooms in far-flung areas in different parts of the country. Bridgestone and HOPE are keeping one step ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, looking forward to safer days when students can physically attend classes together.

Imagine having more classrooms, and well-made ones at that, to house and foster the learning of our next generation of citizens. Imagine the uplifting sense of achievement weavers feel from producing their art. Bridgestone, its partners, and clients will be part of these early holiday gestures that truly make a difference to many lives.

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